Monthly Archives: October 2014

Recovering the Unrecovered

I had a strange reminiscence last night in a dream: an old username I used in the internet that kept ringing in my head even after I woke up. So I decided to google it and found an old blog that had only 1 post in 2005. This could possibly be my first blog post ever before I switched to Blogspot in favor of the more popular platform at that time.

But after several attempts of recovering the account, my heart sank while looking back at this precious ‘ancient’ site yet unable to recover the username, password and email address. Instead of recovering the unrecovered blog, I guess I must be content with recovering my heart. >.<



The Blogosphere Tree


Here’s The Blogosphere Tree, taken at a local blogger’s event held yesterday in Jakarta. The fruits and leaves represent our comments and hopes for the exciting blogging experience ahead.

And that makes it a great Cover Art this week.

Refraction (Well, Sort of)


It’s probably the most difficult Weekly Photo Challenge theme to interpret so far. I blame myself for having monotonous routines that I begin to disregard tiny details around. If that were too embarassing to tell, I could always point the finger to the camera. 😛

The photo above was taken last night at an almost deserted intersection. I was fascinated by the flashy effect the camera (and Camera 360) created. Nothing impressive.


The second one, however, better represents the theme. I took the picture of a street vendor opposite and realized the reflection of the car dashboard afterwards.