Dangerously Beautiful

After spending 3 days in Yogyakarta for a local blogging conference in December last year, I set my mind to run for the hills for a weeklong getaway. So I spent those days roaming around Dieng Plateau in Central Java province of Indonesia, walking (well, partly) to nearby Hindu temples, lakes, hilltops and craters which all can be found above the clouds.

During a hike to a crater in the sprinkle of rain, I came across a winding stretch of geothermal energy pipelines snaking through the hills and carrot fields. But the particular point where I passed by looked shabby and hadn’t been used for quite some time, although I could still feel the heat coming from the pipes.

So there I was, standing by the road looking at the criscrossing pipelines heading up to a hill.


The sign read: Dangerous Area. No Entry. Pipeline Inspection Path.

But there’s beauty in some of the dangers we see everyday and this was no exception. Just look at those gorgeous flowers on the field and the lush trees up that hill.

Maybe if I just take a quick look ….

This is my take on Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs.

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