Why Blog At All?

You may call me an impulsive guy for taking up a challenge like deciding to have coffee in the morning as if it were all the things in the world I need and I must have it now, by all means. Only after clicking the ‘register’ button and engulfing myself in the new euphoria for 5 minutes do I realize the consequences that come with such act. ‘Blogging 201’ is no exception.

So here I am pondering why I blog in the first place as part of an initial assignment: Name 3 concrete goals you want to achieve in blogging. Here goes:

1. Discipleship
My goal is to take up the Weekly Photo Challenge and post an image each week until the end of this year. Hiatus has often been a visitor and it’s difficult to shoo away that habit if not through a challenge as it shall set your mind to the target and nothing else. Therefore to grow a sense of discipleship in sharing, publishing a weekly snapshot will be conducted.

2. Readership
Writing only accomplishes a portion of your blogging goals and the next step is often neglected: readership. Growing traffic into your blog will push you forward as you know people are reading your posts and expect more every week. Therefore I will visit 2 new blogs per week and leave comments there with hopes they will come and read my compositions.

3. Friendship
With readership comes friendship as we are becoming conversant with the readers. Therefore I will focus on just 1 blog every month to dig deeper into their posts, find out what they are like, and hopefully bond as friends.

That’s it, folks. 🙂


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