Recovering the Unrecovered

I had a strange reminiscence last night in a dream: an old username I used in the internet that kept ringing in my head even after I woke up. So I decided to google it and found an old blog that had only 1 post in 2005. This could possibly be my first blog post ever before I switched to Blogspot in favor of the more popular platform at that time.

But after several attempts of recovering the account, my heart sank while looking back at this precious ‘ancient’ site yet unable to recover the username, password and email address. Instead of recovering the unrecovered blog, I guess I must be content with recovering my heart. >.<



6 thoughts on “Recovering the Unrecovered

  1. Sorry to hear that.. But that dream sounds kinda awesome btw 🙂 To have such “revelation” through your dream, haha..

    Well I have similar but different experience. So I can recall my first email and password in Yahoo, and still keep it as a “digital token” until I realize earlier this year (or last year), Yahoo flushed all inactive accounts, including mine, since I haven’t logged in for like months or even years. And as the domino effect, I lost login to several other websites using that very email. Haha, ZBL sih, but I just have to let it go :))


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