Holy Sunset


The sun was setting ‘into’ the tower of a small church in Donorojo village, Central Java. I gazed up to watch the changing shade of the sky and allowed the minimalistic yet glorious moment to sink in. Just the sun and the church. Just Christ and me.


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Photo101: Solitude Above the Clouds


I like this picture very much as it shows 3 key elements of the earth: water, air, fire.

But mind you, I was very much a rookie when I snapped this shot without thinking too much during the visit to the crater shown at the back of the photo. As a beginner I was so focused on taking images that I forgot the real essence of traveling: to savor the moment.

The Unlucky River #photo101

Bearing the name ‘Kali Malang’ (Indonesian word for ‘Unlucky River), the muddy canal is one of several rivers meandering through Jakarta. But would you believe me if I tell you that The Unlucky River is the cleanest of all?

Here are some snapshots for Day 3’s assignment of WordPress’ Photo Blogging Course. Today’s assignment include experimenting with vertical and horizontal angles.





I can see the different scope that each angle is able to capture. But unless I have to, I prefer to hold the phone horizontally.

By the way, judging from the color of the water, would you say it’s a clean river?

Samarang #photo101


The Old Town area of Semarang (previously Samarang) was hot that Sunday. The background was an abandoned building with no lighting which soon became spooky after dark. Meanwhile the foreground was a bustling market for cocks and cockfight betting contest.

Volcanic Potato

Dieng, a plateau above the clouds in Central Java province has been notorious for having cold dry seasons with the temperature descending to minus 5 degrees at night and that Wednesday was no exception. I gazed towards the green hills of cultivated plants of all sorts (potatoes being the hot topic of the week as it was time for plowing) and saw thin smoke coming out of the river just below the potato fields. So I went down to have a closer look.

What is it? It doesn’t look like a river. Maybe a hot spring?
Wow. It looks like a crater to me.
But how could that be? Look at the crops they’re planting just a stone’s throw away.
Finally the sign eased all of my skepticism. It read: DO NOT COME CLOSER TO THE CRATER.

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Recovering the Unrecovered

I had a strange reminiscence last night in a dream: an old username I used in the internet that kept ringing in my head even after I woke up. So I decided to google it and found an old blog that had only 1 post in 2005. This could possibly be my first blog post ever before I switched to Blogspot in favor of the more popular platform at that time.

But after several attempts of recovering the account, my heart sank while looking back at this precious ‘ancient’ site yet unable to recover the username, password and email address. Instead of recovering the unrecovered blog, I guess I must be content with recovering my heart. >.<