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Photo101: Mt. Pyramid?


The car was snaking through the valleys on the way to Tempur village, the highest human settlement in Jepara just beneath one of the 29 summits that make up Mount Muria, when suddenly all of the travelers crammed inside shouted so loud that I jumped from my sleep and almost hit the AC. Sheeesh, tourists!

And then I saw it. An almost perfect triangle-shaped summit that look like the pyramid only from that particular angle at that spot. The hill was still basking in the sunset light as the valley around me had become darker already. It was like watching heaven above from the pitch black dungeon of emptiness.


Holy Sunset


The sun was setting ‘into’ the tower of a small church in Donorojo village, Central Java. I gazed up to watch the changing shade of the sky and allowed the minimalistic yet glorious moment to sink in. Just the sun and the church. Just Christ and me.


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