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Photo101: Mt. Pyramid?


The car was snaking through the valleys on the way to Tempur village, the highest human settlement in Jepara just beneath one of the 29 summits that make up Mount Muria, when suddenly all of the travelers crammed inside shouted so loud that I jumped from my sleep and almost hit the AC. Sheeesh, tourists!

And then I saw it. An almost perfect triangle-shaped summit that look like the pyramid only from that particular angle at that spot. The hill was still basking in the sunset light as the valley around me had become darker already. It was like watching heaven above from the pitch black dungeon of emptiness.


Photo101: Bees will be Bees


Dieng Plateau, Central Java.

My first attempt in photographing nature in its glorious details. I had always had the impression that capturing insects like these required speed. But apparently it wasn’t the case with these two as they were busy eating (or drinking?) from the flower and completely ignored me.

The zooming device? My feet. ^^

Photo101: The Killing Fields


This image was taken at Choeung Ek Genocidal Center in the area famously known as The Killing Fields, just outside Cambodia’s capital city of Phnom Penh. It was 11 AM and I snapped this image right after we entered the gate.

The tall building is the memorial tower which now displays some of the skeletons of the victims which were murdered around this area between 1975-1979 by the Khmer Rouge regime. As you can see, there was a white streak of light just above the tower which I still don’t what caused it. A combination of the angle and the direction of sunlight, perhaps?

Photo101: Solitude Above the Clouds


I like this picture very much as it shows 3 key elements of the earth: water, air, fire.

But mind you, I was very much a rookie when I snapped this shot without thinking too much during the visit to the crater shown at the back of the photo. As a beginner I was so focused on taking images that I forgot the real essence of traveling: to savor the moment.

The Unlucky River #photo101

Bearing the name ‘Kali Malang’ (Indonesian word for ‘Unlucky River), the muddy canal is one of several rivers meandering through Jakarta. But would you believe me if I tell you that The Unlucky River is the cleanest of all?

Here are some snapshots for Day 3’s assignment of WordPress’ Photo Blogging Course. Today’s assignment include experimenting with vertical and horizontal angles.





I can see the different scope that each angle is able to capture. But unless I have to, I prefer to hold the phone horizontally.

By the way, judging from the color of the water, would you say it’s a clean river?

Samarang #photo101


The Old Town area of Semarang (previously Samarang) was hot that Sunday. The background was an abandoned building with no lighting which soon became spooky after dark. Meanwhile the foreground was a bustling market for cocks and cockfight betting contest.