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Learning is the Light

There was a slogan in one of Japan’s universities which I once attended as an exchange student: 「学は光」 (Manabi ha Hikari/Learning is Light). Besides hosting regular young students, the university also opens its doors to adult learners who might not have had the chance to get a degree during their youth and would now like to ‘seize the day’.

During summer holidays, it was one of the school’s policies to clear the dorms from the regular students to make way for these distance learners to come onboard for a short semester program. But as foreign students we were allowed to stay. So I was shocked but then delighted one night to see people from all kinds of life occupying the study rooms: sushi restaurant owners, retirees, even peasants.

That slogan recently came back ringing in my head when I started to ponder on taking another first degree in English Literature. You are never too late to learn, after all. Here’s a snapshot:


This photo pretty much summarizes the lifelong learning principle which guides me to sit down in exams at a local distance learning university here in Indonesia. On the right is my “Writing 1” module, consisting of elementary-to-intermediate grammar principles I have been exposed to for many years since secondary school yet I still must go through. Meanwhile “Business Result” is one of the textbooks I use in the Business English classes where I teach. Plus to support the gaining and sharing knowledge cycle: a 4-year-old laptop which is already screaming for retirement.

Being almost 40, learning process is an endurance. But there’s no doubt in my heart: learning is the light.

This post is my first take on Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance .


Mood Radar Detector?

Honestly I’m not good at guessing what kind of mood a person might be having by looking at their faces and gestures. But I think I’m pretty good in detecting the mood in a particular setting: when a student comes into my classroom.

I would know if a student which I see twice a week just had an exhausting day at school as they would often yawn and put on a bored-looking face and when I asked a few questions, some of them would start telling me all sorts of problems they had had that day.

But I could also notice whether someone had been having arguments with their parents of boyfriend/girlfriend or when they had just achieved something. I guess that even if you are not a psychologist, a mood radar is an inherent skill that you can opt to use from time to time.

Just my two cents and the first trial to the Daily Prompt. ^^

First Time for Everything

There’s always the first time for everything and this blog is no exception. Perhaps I’ll remember this day easily as it coincides with a historic referendum in Scotland.

Well, looking forward to sharing posts, quotes, snapshots, or just about everything. But the most important thing, looking forward to have good times with you, dear readers. ^^